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JAVA/3.4 Years - Sample Resume

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Professional Summary

  • Overall 3 years and 4 months of Experience in Developing JAVA and J2EE   applications.
  • Strong expertise in design and development of Web application using Struts MVC framework.
  • Strong Experience in Developing Applications using JAVA and J2EE (JSP, Servlets, xhtml, Struts, jsf, JDBC and spring).
  • Expertise in implementation of Applications in Java Server Faces.
  • Knowledge in Web Services.
  • Experience in designing front-end applications using XHTML.
  • Good Knowledge about MVC2 architecture.
  • Experience in using Eclipse and My Eclipse as development tools (IDEs).
  • Good Implementation Knowledge in implementing Jasper Reports.
  • Excellent commitment, dedication and planning towards goal oriented tasks and problem-solving skills with good interpersonal and communication skills
          As Software Engineer in Scorpos corporate services private Ltd, Hyderabad from Feb 2007 to Till Date.

  • B.TECH  in Computer and Science Engineering(2006) from xxxxxxxx Institute of Science and Technology Engineering College with 62.5%
  • Intermediate in Gowthami junior college  from Board of Intermediate Education with 89.4%
  • C.B.S.E with 66.4%
Technical Summary:
Operating System                 : Windows 98, Windows XP
Database                             :  Oracle 9i
Languages                           : Java, C, C++.
Web Technologies                 : J2EE (Servlet, Jsp)   
Framework                          : JSF2.0, spring, Struts
Tools                                  : Edit plus, Eclipse, Seagate’s crystal Report, Plsql Developer.
Web Server                         : Apache Tomcat.

Projects Undertaken:


Project             :           Dealer Management system.
Client                :           Greaves Cotton, Maharashtra.
Designation     :           Software engineer.
Environment    :           Java Server Faces, spring-jdbc, oracle-9i, xhtml, Tomcat 6.0
Duration           :           Oct ’09 –till date
Team Size        :           4.

Dealer Management System is a web based management solution that helps company to comply with automatic transactions. It is an essential tool for replacing manual maintenance. Dealer Management System has all the functionality you need to manage internal compliance needing automatic management.

Dealer Management System allows company to:
·         Maintain the track of their dealers;
·         Keeping a track of their transactions;
·         Have awareness of their required raw materials;
·         Update their information;
·         Track and manage compliance under specific regimes; and
·         Generate regular progress and audit reports.


·         Coding using Java Server Faces
·         Involved in coding of Managed Beans.
·         Developed presentation layer using xhtml.
·         Writing Business logic in model classes.
·         Validation checking using in-built attributes.
·         Coding for pagination using Prime Faces.
·         Developed Jasper Reports using Ireport Tool.


Project             :           Export Management system.
Client                :           Indian Rayon, Mumbai.
Designation     :           Software engineer.
Environment    :           Java Server Faces, spring-jdbc, oracle-9i, xhtml, Tomcat 6.0
Duration           :           Dec ’08 to Oct 09.
Team Size        :           4.

This is web based and integration with SAP. An Export Management System is a program designed to monitor and manage the handling of export control issues within an organization. It should reflect the existing procedures followed by an Organization in its handling of controlled equipment and technology and build on those procedures to create a dynamic approach to this management. One important Purpose of this management system is
  to ensure that the organization will be accountable for export control matters in the event of      an audit by one of the agencies.
·         Responsible for Java Server Faces
·         Involved in coding of Managed Beans.
·         Developed presentation layer using xhtml
·         Writing Business logic in model classes.
·         Validation using JavaScript.
·         Prepared test cases based on functional requirement Specification
·         Developed Crystal Reports using Eclipse.

Project            :            CRM (CUSTOMER RELATIONAL MANAGEMENT)
Client               :            Greaves portable engines.
Designation    :           Software engineer.
Environment   :         Struts 1.1, Java, Oracle, JBoss, JDBC
Duration          :            Aug ' 07 –Nov-08.
Team Size       :            3.

                        This web project is designed for Greaves to handle its contact with its customers. CRM software is used to support these processes, storing information on current and prospective customers. Information in the system can be accessed and entered by customers in different Regions such as Northern Region, Southern Region, Western Region and Eastern Region. Details on any customer contacts can also be stored in the system. The rationale behind this approach is to improve services provided directly to customers and to use the information in the system for targeted marketing and sales purposes.

Salient Features:
 Easy user interface, High Security, Excel Export, Flexibility in terms of availability of past data, 24*7 availability, common platform for all stake holders to refer data and Message Board
·         Responsible for Struts Framework
·         Involved in coding of Action Classes.
·         Developed presentation layer using Jsp.
·         Writing Business logic in model classes.
·         Validation checking using struts.
·         Test cases for the modules.
·         Solve various issues while portalizing.
·         Solve pagination issue using display tag.
·         Learn the Struts tiles concept.
·         Test and deploy the project.


      Name                          :           XXXX
     Date of Birth                      :           10-08-1985
     Father’s name                    :           XXXX
     Mother’s name                   :             XXXXXX
     Nationality                         :           Indian
      Sex                                     :           XXXX
      Martial Status                  :            XXXXX
      Languages Known              :             Telugu, English and Hindi
      Hobbies                              :           Watching Tennis, Listening to music.

            I here by declare that all the information mentioned above is correct to the best of my knowledge and will be responsible for any flaws.

                                                                                                            Your’s sincerely,


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