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SAP ABAP/3.6 Years - Sample Resume

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Name Name                                                      
ABAP consultant                                                           Mobile:9999912345

Professional Summary:

  • Overall 3.6 years of Experience as an SAP ABAP Consultant.
Work experience:
  • Currently Working for SFJ Consulting Pvt Ltd from April 2009 to till date
  • Worked for Satyam Computer Services from Mar 2007 to Mar 2009.
  • Worked for High Noon Corporation from Feb 2006 to Feb 2007.
Personal Profile:
  • Highly motivated and skilled technical professional with 3+ Years of experience in SAP R/3 ABAP.
  • My strength lies in sound programming aspects using ABAP/4, which includes BDC, Report Programming, Sap Script, Smart Forms and Adobe Forms, User-Exits, Customer Exits, Enhancement Spots, Workflow and LSMW.
  • Worked on Enhancements.
  • Worked on  Module Pool Programming.
  • Knowledge on ALE/IDOCS, OO Programming.
Skills Profile:
ERP                                    : SAP R/3
Languages                          : ABAP/4, C and Java
Operating Systems             : Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 9X
Databases                          : Oracle 8i.
Front-ends                          : SAP GUI.

B.Tech from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

Work Experience:
Project #1

Client      : Alberta Treasury Branches


Duration : Apr 2009 - Till date

Modules  : Banking Services.

Project Description: 
ATB Financial ("ATB") is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ATB is the largest Alberta-based financial institution, with assets of $26.5 billion. Some 5,000 associates provide Personal and Business Financial Services, Corporate Financial Services, and Investor Services to more than 670,000 Albertans in 244 communities. ATB provides service through 164 branches and 133 agencies, a Customer Contact Centre, a network of Automated Banking Machines (ABMs) across Alberta, Internet and Telephone. ATB Financial was established in 1938 and has been a provincial Crown corporation since 1997. This year, it was named one of Canada’s 50 Best Employers by Report on Business Magazine, one of the 75 Best Workplaces in Canada by the Great Place to Work Institute, and one of Alberta’s Top 40 Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc.


As a team member, is responsible for

  • Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients
  • Design and Development
  • Exclusively Working on Adobe forms
     Adobe Forms:
1. Developed Application forms for Collateral Management
A> Release and Substitution of Securities
B> General Assignments Of Leases and Rents

2. Developed Collection forms for Collateral Management
C> Insurance Applications & Amendments

3. Developed Application forms for Deposits
          D> Change Notice Standing Order

Project #2

Client      : AMAT(Applied Materials)


Duration : Mar 2007 – Mar 2009

Modules  : SD, MM.

Project Description
Applied Materials, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of products and services to the semiconductor industry. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California in the Silicon Valley. Founded in 1967 by Michael A. McNeilly and others, Applied Materials went public in 1972. Applied Materials manufactures systems that perform most of the primary steps in the chip fabrication process, including atomic layer deposition, chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, electrochemical plating, etching, ion implantation, rapid thermal processing, chemical mechanical polishing, metrology and wafer inspection.


As a team member, is responsible for

  • Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients
  • Design and Development
  • Testing - unit testing & integration testing.
  • Post Go-Live Support.
Adobe Forms:
  1. Developed a Layout set and print program for AMJ Pick list. Pick list serves as an instruction to transfer parts from the Storage bin to the Kitting area.
  2. Developed a Layout set and print program for Customer Compliance label with delivery and item details printed as barcode with human readable text attached to them for each delivery.
  3. Developed Layout set and print program for Field Service Report AME which is to be sent to the User for the conformation of work in confirmation.
Smart Forms:
      1.  Developed a Layout set and print program to display shipment details like
           deliveries it  Has, corresponding PO numbers and net weights.
2.    Modified the layout set for invoice and corresponding print program as per
     the clients requirement.
      1. Created TES Stock Status Report for stock status analysis.
      2.  Created an ALV report to calculate taxes according to their tax codes for the
          records Having  either IR or IR and GR.
      3. Created an interactive report for displaying vendor information , based on the   
          selection made the corresponding vendor bank details are listed such that the
          selected line in the  basic list was visible along with the secondary list.       
      4. Area wise Sales group performance report that lists sales-order, customer,
          customer-name, sales-group, net value of each order taking sales-org,
          sales-group, sales-division, delivery date as inputs from selection screen.

      1. Uploaded customer material information data into table KNMT using VD51

  1. Added fields to the standard forms to meet the client’s requirement.
  2. Developed a print program and Layout set to display Periodic Account Statements.
  1. Implemented an enhancement to update the revision level of the material automatically when the purchase order is raised.
  2. Implemented an enhancement to restrict the entry of components in the production order to the components exist in Bill of Material.

Project #3

Client      : John Deere Inc.
Role        : ABAP Developer
Duration : Mar 2006 - Feb 2007
Modules  : SD, MM.

In 1837, John Deere founded the company that would come to bear his name. Incorporated as Deere & Company in 1868, it has grown from a one-man blacksmith shop into a corporation that today does business around the world and employs approximately 47,000 people. It is one of the oldest industrial companies in the United States.

              As an SAP ABAP/4 Developer, Involved in Analysis and Development of user-defined reports and interfaces using the various tools of ABAP/4 Development workbench in the area of MM and SD few of them are listed below.

1. Created an ALV Report lists for the gross sales, sales returns, gross weight for the customer for the current year and comparing the same with that of the previous year for the same period. The data is selected from KNVV, BKPF, BSEG and MARA.
  1. Created an ALV Report listing stock position for a chosen material for chosen storage location in a given plant.
  2. Developed an ALV Report to display the stock transfer details for a given range of Purchase orders.
1.  Developed BDC program to Assign Partners functions to corresponding customers.
2.  Developed Batch Input Programs to transfer data from the existing legacy system such as Customer Master. Transaction used 'XD01'.

SAP Script:

1.  Developed Script for invoice document for purchase orders with partner functions, billing no, Total, Company Logo, total weight Etc.
2. Modified the layout set for delivery document and corresponding print program as per the client’s requirements.

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